Baltimore Housing Mobility Program

New Homes, New Neighborhoods, New Schools: A Progress Report on the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program


New Choices for all Families and Children

Since 2003, an effective, opportunity-based housing voucher program has provided low-income families with new housing choices and greater mobility throughout the Baltimore Region.

Through the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program over 1,500 families have voluntarily moved to quality housing in mixed-income neighborhoods with low poverty rates, quality school and access to employment and increased quality of life throughout the region.

“This program is one of the best things that ever happened to my family and me. I am less stressed about financial issues and can finish college. We love the beautiful quiet neighborhood and the school system. We could be no happier. Thank you!! This was a blessing and I appreciate the help.”

Participants say schools, safety, less crime and drugs, friendly neighbors, and a mix of different races and cultures are the most positive features of their new neighborhood.  - ACLU survey data

“I feel like they have helped me give my kids a better life.  This program has changed my life. My future is brighter, my surroundings are peaceful & beautiful.”

Long term counseling helps families obtain employment, enroll in job training, GED and professional certification programs.

In addition to meeting the needs of families, the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program demonstrates how opportunity-based housing addresses regional affordable housing and community integration policy goals at a critical time when HUD is revisiting key elements to its Section 8 Voucher program.

“This is a very helpful program and it motivates a person to want more out of life and do better.”