About the BRHC

Vision Statement

The Baltimore Regional Housing Campaign envisions a Baltimore region where all families have the right and the means to live in high opportunity communities with excellent schools, economic prosperity, and low rates of poverty, and where public policies and private investments are aligned to overcome historic divisions by race and class.

 Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles include a commitment to the principle that families who work in a  community should have the opportunity to live in that community, an opposition to separate and  unequal schools in the Baltimore region, a recognition that school and housing policy are  interconnected, and a commitment to housing choice.

We believe that all housing and development efforts in the region need to be aligned with a  common set of goals based on the principle of access to opportunity. We recognize that we can no  longer solely rely on neighborhood based revitalization of inner-city communities and older  suburbs as a means to providing access to opportunity for lower income families, and that the  principle of housing choice and full access to high opportunity areas in both the suburbs and city must play at least a coequal role in regional housing and development planning.

Our vision is consistent with the recent ruling of the federal court in the housing desegregation case of Thompson v. HUD, which held that the federal government has failed to provide poor families with access to housing outside of segregated, high poverty communities. This case will be an important catalyst for change in the region and can help to break down legal barriers.

We believe that housing opportunity reform efforts in the region should be consistent with the remedy in the Thompson case. At the same time, our vision is not limited to the Thompson remedy, and includes initiatives in a wide variety of government program areas and private investment strategies. We also hope to learn from other regions that have gone before us, to develop the best and most promising approaches. In this way, we will try to move the bar higher, so that our efforts can provide examples for other cities and also influence the future national debate on a new urban policy.

Organizing Members